Thursday, November 19, 2009

A Note On Safety

My recent post about the Bellingham Bay downwinder didn't make any mention of the safety precautions myself & my partner took to help diminish the dangers of big, cold water. I felt the need to let the 3.5 of you who read my blog know that safety & getting home alive is my number one goal, everyday.

Here are some of the precautions we took that day...

1) both dressed for submersion, full wetsuits, booties.
3)leashes... hugely important!
4)my partner had a VHF marine radio... I should have had one too... I do now.
5)people knew our plan and our intended route.
6)we had hand signals for each other "I am ok" & "I need help."
7)we had a back up plan if the wind took us somewhere we didn't expect.
8)we went out with plenty of daylight (11am)
9)we kept an eye on each other

Some will say that a dry suit would be better & I won't argue that point. There are pros and cons to both wetsuits and dry suits in the water.

I hope those of you that read this blog will take into consideration these safety measures next time you go out. Be safe and have fun and stay alive!