Sunday, November 1, 2009

SUP Cross-Training/Tac-Fit

A lot of people ask me what I do for training, besides paddling. Well, I try to paddle as much as possible on my days off, as well as run and cycle a bit to keep my cardio somewhat intact.

But about every third day, I am stuck at a fire station for 24 hours where I have to get creative.

For the last two to three years, a core group of firefighters has used the training techniques of local mixed-martial artist Scott Sonnon. He is the creator of RMAX International and Tac-Fit, a work out program designed specifically for police, special forces and firefighters. Scott travels all over the world training the worlds elite combat forces and mixed martial artists. Scott has taken us under his wing and has developed a work out program that packs a great all-body work out into a relatively short period of time. Between Tac-Fit and SUP, my core strength is better than it's ever been.

Check out the Tac-Fit site sometime:

I have also added some paddling specific moves using some very basic gym machines and bar bells:

Using the pull-down attachment on a universal gym, I try to mimic the SUP stroke and I will either do light weight and MANY reps until failure or heavier weight and do fewer, more powerful reps.

We call these floor-wipers and I highly recommend using a spotter when doing these. While holding up a bar-bell in the bench press position, move your legs up and down in a V-pattern, not allowing your feet to touch the floor. Try to get up to 50 per side. Builds great core strength and muscular endurance in your arms and shoulders. Start with a weight that you can control!