Saturday, January 2, 2010

Paddling Dynamics Race Report

Almost a true down wind race! Almost. Great race from Gas Works Park to Sand Point. OC's, surf skis, SUP's and a Dragon Boat. About 12-15 SUP'rs took part. At about the 3 mile mark the waves were jacking up to about knee high and the tail wind was cookin'. I felt the rudder on my 18' Bark come out of the water a few times... and yes I fell in twice reminding me again of my lack of balance. I knew things weren't right when I found myself paddling through the occupants of the now submerged Dragon Boat as they swam to shore... hmmm. How do you un-submerge a 2000 lb. boat?

Anyway, I covered the 6.5ish mile course in 1:10:45 with Dan Eberhardt a few minutes back on his Ron House stock prototype... watch out for this board. The one thing that made my day was beating Darrel and Don on their prone paddle boards... only because the wind was pushing me along for once... good job guys.

I'll post results and photos asap.