Sunday, May 2, 2010

Lake Whatcom Classic Race

Typical northwest weather greeted us at the start line... grey skies, and a cool southerly wind in our faces. The 5 mile short course was simply 2.5 miles upwind, turn-around and head back with a tail-wind.
5 SUP's lined up with the skis, kayaks and OC's. (Although the results show 6, not sure who that person was?)
Two of us were on stock boards, the other three on 14's. Alan Lipp jumped out with an early lead with me about 50 feet back. I was pretty casual about it and let it stay that way for about a mile. When I decided to move up to him, I found out that I couldn't close the gap... uh oh. By the turn around he opened up about a 50 yard gap... that's what I get for getting him a faster board (-: Great race Alan!
We held that gap to the finish where he took a shorter route to the finish (smart) and I decided to paddle an extra 100 yards. Uh oh again. Alan took first SUP about 1:20 ahead of me.
My GPS showed a distance of 5.23 miles with an average of 5.2 mph, pretty respectable speed for a 12 foot by 30" board.
Full results at: