Tuesday, December 14, 2010

An Exercise In Futility

Today was one of those days that the wind was blowin' hard. 25 mph steady. But no one available to run shuttle cars for a down-winder. So I headed to Marine Park to play in the chop. Little did I know that between 1:20 and 2pm it would pick up to 40 mph sustained with gusts off the chart. (See the big spike on the chart below). MAYBE I was heading upwind at 1 mph. Maybe. But oh boy the ride back was fun... short, but fun. Good, steep waves and nice rides. 5 round trips (about 3/4 mile each) was all I could handle. My arms were done.

Once back on land, the wind was blowing so hard I could not get my board back on the truck. I had to stick it inside and drive to where I could park behind a building that sheltered me from the wind.

Little did I know my old friend Jim Taggert was taking pics from shore and posted them on Facebook almost before I got home. Thanks Jim!