Monday, January 3, 2011

Combat Surfing

That's what the fellow SUP'r called it after he emerged from the water and talked to us in the parking lot... "you really gotta want to surf today" was also mentioned.

End of December, 20mph on-shore winds, chest high waves appearing out of the white caps and telephone pole sized drift wood... or combat surfing. Good term.

Tom wore his helmet, which after I got out, I thought was a pretty good idea. Usually the helmets just keep your head warm, this day they actually might have prevented head injury.

Despite the "challenging" conditions it was a great day, and who can complain about sunshine?

I discovered after about 2 hours that the cord attaching my leash to the board was a bit fragile and after diving under one wall of white water, I had to swim into shore to retrieve my ride. 30 minutes later, and a bit farther out, my re-tie failed again and after swimming in again, I decided to call it a day...

A good day of sharing waves with 3 other SUP's and 3 kayakers.

Happy New Year.