Monday, June 6, 2011

Ross Island Series Final

The 3rd and final race was fun, like the other two... A stiff north wind made for a tiring upwind into calf-high white caps, and the relative shelter of the return trip didn't give us the same downwind push... so, it was work both ways!

For some reason when the race official said "go" I decided to fall off my board. Great. So I was about 100 feet behind the leaders, but caught up to 3rd before the first turn. I moved into 2nd, and decided to stay about 50 feet behind Cyril, and try to pass him on the way home, bad idea. Cyril just kept pulling away and ended up beating me by 2 minutes. Well done Cyril!

Greg Gilbert again won the 12'6 stock class ahead of Kenny Wilson.

For the 3 race series, I ended up first overall in the 14' class with Cyril Burguiere in 2nd and Matt Spencer 3rd. And Greg and Kenny were 1 and 2 in the 12'6" class with Doug Hopkins in 3rd.

Thanks to all the folks who made this series really fun and a great vibe.

Photo Courtesy of Kenny Wilson....