Sunday, August 14, 2011

Race For The River, Bend, OR

For those of us that didn't make the trip to Ta Hoe Nalu this weekend, there was the option of a 5 mile race on the Deschutes River in Bend, OR.  

2.5 miles of up-river and 2.5 miles of down-river.  Up-river we had to hug the shore line to hide from the   2-3 mph current and then down-river we hit the middle channel and hit speeds of 7 mph.

The most 'exciting' part of the course was the first buoy turn at the down river end... I hit the turn first, but the buoy had been moved from the day before, it was only 10 feet from a huge pile of rocks... as soon as I got sideways in the current I was heading straight for the rocks... I ended up in the water, trying to save my borrowed board from damage.  After remounting, losing my hat and punching a hole in my friends board, I had dropped back to 6th or 7th place.  I had to dig deep to claw back up to the front and chase down Matt Spencer (Gorge Performance) who was in the lead.  Paddled with Matt for awhile then decided to push on as he started to fade a little.  At the end, Matt, Paul and I all finished under an hour... I think my time was 56:11.

Great race, great venue, great weather.  

Top 3: Beau, Matt & Paul