Friday, January 28, 2011

Riviera Crew Surf Vid

Great looking day at Dog Patch...

Friday, January 21, 2011

Surfrider Clean-Up Day in Bellingham

Saturday, February 12

1-3 PM

Join Surfrider Foundation and the City of Bellingham’s Park department to help restore the mouth of Padden Creek! This unique piece of Bellingham waterfront serves as a home and stopping point for many native plants and animals; snow geese, green and blue herons, salmon, ducks, and song birds are all seen here regularly. As a piece of natural habitat, the lagoon provides an opportunity for people in all walks of life to observe some of the gems our ecosystem without leaving the sidewalk of Harris Avenue! However, this critical piece of habitat, where the fresh and salt water mix at the mouth of the creek is in need of your help. Invasive black berries and other foreign flora are beginning to take over the site, and will do so without our intervention. Come help us continue a process to strengthen our local ecosystem On February 12 by removing these invasive plants and spreading mulch beside the lagoon. With your help, we can restore this important estuarine habitat! We'll supply tools and light refreshments; all you need to do is bring yourself and weather appropriate clothing!

The mouth of Padden Creek is located off Harris Avenue in Fairhaven (by the Greyhound/Ferry terminal). Street parking is plentiful in the vicinity, and additional parking is located at the bus station. Look for Padden Creek Work Party signs and come get your hands dirty! For more information, please contact Erik Goheen 425-733-0470 or email

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Perfect Wave Quiver

Check these boards out at the boat show next week or anytime at the Perfect Wave shop...

Perfect Wave At The Seattle Boat Show

The Perfect Wave Team will be sharing a booth with Hobie Cat NW next week at the big boat show. Here is a press-release from Bobby, the owner of Perfect Wave...

Hi all,
Perfect Wave is proud to announce an agreement with Hobie Cat NW, Sand Point as the Seattle location for PW SUPs for sale and for rent. Dan Carpenter (Owner of Hobie Cats NW) and I go way back from when he had his original store in downtown Kirkland. Anyways, Dan has invited PW to be a part of their giant booth at the Seattle Boat Show, starting on Jan 21-30th. If you are going to search for us in the boat show directory, look for Hobie Cats NW, we will be there. We will also have a real water demo pool available and also a SUP simulator if you want to stay dry.

This also leads into some great opportunities to get started on Stand Up Paddle Boarding and/or learn advanced skills from the experts. Plus you can also hear about some of our new board models which will be available soon. We have several new Surf SUPs and our NEW Lightweight Race SUPs coming soon. I have also been working with Beau Whitehead on a new 12-6 Race design board. This is where the fun part comes in for me. I love designing new boards.

Perfect Wave Family that will be on hand at the Seattle Boat Show:
Blake Hanley-(PW Shop Manager/Board Rep/Team Rider) - Blake is an expert in fitness and has proven to be a very strong athlete and paddler. Blake will be working our booth during show hours. Come talk to Blake about conditioning and training and of course our awesome line of SUPs. Stay in touch with Blake's training methods here:

Beau Whitehead-(PW Team Rider/Race Board design) - come meet and talk to the NW's #1 Paddler. What more is there to say about Beau, other than he's one of the fastest SUP racers on the planet. Really. He's amazing! Beau will be at our booth on Saturday from 10:00 to 2:00. Come talk to him and pick his brain, ask him anything. Beau will also be talking about different paddling techniques, different stages of the race, preparing for a race, how to finish, etc. Also check out Beau's very impressive resume and blog:

Patrick Aio-(PW Team Rider & Surf SUP Team) - other than Patrick being one of the fastest paddlers in water, you should see him SUP surf. Patrick if one of the strongest SUP surfers I've seen in the waves of the NW. If you've ever had that idea of pushing your SUP board to the next level and maybe taking it into some waves, you definitely need to talk to Patrick on the best way to learn and being safe while doing so . The WA coastline offers a variety of world class surf.

Rob Casey-(PW NW SUP Rep) - Rob offers a variety of experience with transferring from Surfing to SUP, Kayaking, Wave Ski.
Author of ‘Stand Up Paddling Flat Water, Surf and Rivers’ (Mountaineers Outdoors Expert Series) - Published by The Mountaineers Books, Seattle, for
Spring 2011.

Local Author Releases SUP Instructional Guide

Local surfer, SUP'r, kayaker, photographer and author Rob Casey's new book will be out in April...

Here is what he has to say...

You can now pre-order my instructional guide to SUP which will be available in April 2011.

"Stand Up Paddling Flat Water, Surf and Rivers" published my Mountaineers Books in Seattle includes the basics, surfing, rivers and tidal rapids, racing, trips and expediitions, and a Fitness chapter by Nikki Gregg. Dave Kalama wrote the Forward and Corran Addison provided the History chapter.

Top paddlers were interviewed to provide the best content possible for the reader. Some of those include Nikki Gregg, Dan Gavere, Brandi Baksic, Beau Whitehead, Ken Campbell, Wade Lawson, Dave Collins, Evan Lloyd, Calvin Tom, Candice Appleby, Jenny Kalmbach, and Corran Addison to name a few.

Pre-order the book:

Also check out Nate Burgoyne's new SUP book, the first on the market, looks like a good one!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

NW Winter Surf

Fellow SUP racer & surfer, Tom Hanny, making a long drive worthwhile...

Photo by Rob Casey

Monday, January 10, 2011

2011 New Years Challenge Results

2011 New Years Challenge Race

The Paddling Dynamics crew put on a great event (again). The weather was milder than last year and the sun came out at the finish line. About 20 SUP's took part this year (maybe more).

The Perfect Wave crew did strong work with me and Blake taking 1st & 4th place. Turns out Blake races pretty fast when he doesn't have a fever! The course was advertised at 6.5 miles, but many a GPS showed it to be over 7. Let's call it 7.2 ish.

I will post results when they are made available....

Photos by Bobby Arzadon and Rob Casey....

Tom Haney on a 18' Ron House...
Myself and prone winner Darrell Bednarck....

My Perfect Wave team mate Blake Hanley on his 12'6" PW race board
Myself on a PW Bark Competitor 12'6"

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Best of 2010 Canadian SUP News

Our friends up north have compiled a good re-cap of their 2010 SUP season...

Their big event/race last year, The Kalamalka Classic was a great time and I highly recommend it...

Monday, January 3, 2011

2011 New Years Challenge Race this weekend!

The Paddling Dynamics New Years Challenge Race is this Saturday the 8th.

Hope to see everyone there!

Oahu 1993

In 1993 I had the fortune to live and work on Oahu's north shore. I lived in a tent on my bosses property and worked until 2pm each day... after that, I was free to play. He gave me unlimited access to his quiver of boards, but the only one I really ever rode was the 8 footer.

Besides surfing, my favorite activity was to swim from Sharks Cove to Waimea Bay and then walk back...

If only SUP was around back then... damn.

Jumping off the rock at Waimea Bay....

Combat Surfing

That's what the fellow SUP'r called it after he emerged from the water and talked to us in the parking lot... "you really gotta want to surf today" was also mentioned.

End of December, 20mph on-shore winds, chest high waves appearing out of the white caps and telephone pole sized drift wood... or combat surfing. Good term.

Tom wore his helmet, which after I got out, I thought was a pretty good idea. Usually the helmets just keep your head warm, this day they actually might have prevented head injury.

Despite the "challenging" conditions it was a great day, and who can complain about sunshine?

I discovered after about 2 hours that the cord attaching my leash to the board was a bit fragile and after diving under one wall of white water, I had to swim into shore to retrieve my ride. 30 minutes later, and a bit farther out, my re-tie failed again and after swimming in again, I decided to call it a day...

A good day of sharing waves with 3 other SUP's and 3 kayakers.

Happy New Year.