Wednesday, October 10, 2012

NxW Soundriders Race

Steilacoom, Washington.  October 7th.  Last race of the season!  After 19 races in 2012, I was more than ready for this one to mark the end of the season.  The unbelievable weather, non-existent wind and great people made this a perfect season-ender.  It was 38 degrees at 7:30 when I pulled in, but 2 hours later when the gun went off, it felt like 70.  The course ended up being 2 laps and was around 7.6 miles.  Cyril got the hole-shot around the pilings, followed closely by Dustin and then myself.  Sean Thomas, Karen Wrenn, John Schalka and Paul Brewer from B.C. were not very far behind.

Sitting in Dustin and Cyrils draft was easy times... I probably only had to paddle about 85% of my max. After about 2 miles of this I started to feel guilty... I think its a carry-over from my bike racing days.  If a guy drafted someone for an entire race and did no work to help, he could expect to either be "tuned-up" in the parking lot after the race, or put in the ditch at the next race.  But from what I've seen, drafting is much more accepted in the paddling world.  Either way, I have a hard time sitting there having a free ride, while my Kialoa team mate does all the work at the front.  So, 3 different times I attempted to come out of the draft and move up to give him some help.  Only problem was, to do this took me from working 85% to about 105% only to get just about nowhere.  Each time I returned to the draft, it took me several minutes to recover.  Unfortunately after attempt number 3, I blew-up and couldn't get back on Dustins tail.  I dangled about 30 feet back for almost a mile before giving up and settling for a solid 3rd place.  Cyril & Dustin finished in 1:13 and I was one minute back at 1:14.  Paul Brewer ended up 4th.  Boardworks M&M's took 5 out of the top 6 places I believe.  Karen won the women's race, and was top 5 or 6 overall.

There was a 4 mile race that followed the 8 miler and a kids race too... lots of fun and sun.

Thanks to Dean and all his volunteers for making this race great.  Next year Dean hopes to hold it earlier in the summer... don't miss this one!

Here is a very short (and dull I suppose) video I made with my GoPro at the race... Wish I had the camera facing forward!

 3rd Place & "big" checks!

Paul Brewer, all the way from B.C!

The Kialoa Tribe... Photo By John Wrenn
Karen, Cyril & myself